The Invincible Mehrangarh Fort @ Jodhpur, Rajasthan




One look at it and you think ‘invincible‘ and it was! If you want to know the stories of the Rathores of Jodhpur, you will find it here. The fort was built by Rao Jodha in the 15th Century as he found the then capital, fort at Mandore, no longer safe and stable. The Fort is built on a mountain called ‘Bhakurcheeria, the Mountain of Birds’.

The Sheesh Mahal is different from most similar mahals where such rooms were places of pleasure …. here it has paintings of religious figurines. Though inspired by the famous Mughal glass work, it uses bigger chunks of mirror. The Phool Mahal’s grandeur will catch your eye. The ceiling is covered with beautiful filigree work in gold. Gold brought from Gujarat as a war loot. This in all probability was the pleasure house. The Takhat Mahal is a blend of different styles — The influence of British can be seen in the glass balls hanging from the ceilings, paintings of Krishna Leela and folk Dhola Maru all within these 4 walls. Don’t miss the floor painted like a carpet! The largest of them all is the Moti Mahal which was a Durbar Hall. It lights you up with the wonderful use of coloured glasses on its windows, doors and ceiling

The fort also houses the rich heritage of the Rathores in its museum section — elephant howdahs, palanquins, armory (Khanda of Rao Jodha, the sword of Akbar the Great and The sword of Timur the Lame to name a few),  Marwar-Jodhpur paintings, beautiful cradles, collection of turbans as well as musical instruments

The fort has the facility of an elevator that eases your way through the fort and all it has to offer. A must visit for all fort & history lovers. Don’t miss to soak in the beautiful view of the blue city, Jodhpur, from the fort!





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Monika Ohson / TravelerInMe



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