Shimla in The Monsoon




Usually people avoid hills in the rains. Well, its better to be safe than sorry, with so many calamities doing their rounds in the news. We too debated for long and kept our final decision for the final hour based on weather predictions. As luck would have it we found ourselves driving down (8 hours) the wonderful route to Shimla from Delhi. A good time to avoid the vacation crowd and have a good long weekend.

Since we reached our destination in the night I was up early morning to take in the green, clean, fresh views of Shimla (a hill station that never sleeps). I was all smiles with the misty views, chirping birds, green hills, rolling valley and rain washed nature. Hill rains can be very unpredictable usually playing hide and seek with the sun / clear sky. If going to hills during monsoon please be acceptable of the fact that you may not be able to follow the itinerary that you would have made. Instead choose a place where you can relax amidst nature and go for short walks which may cover some of your to do list.

We managed to do our toy train ride to Shoghi, visit to the Ma Taradevi temple and enjoy a wonderful leisurely walk, in the drizzle, on the Mall Road only. Nevertheless, it was good enough for a rainy weekend and it keeps the place open for another visit 🙂  Our experience of the Toy Train ride to Shoghi can be read on this link

The evening walk on the wet Mall Road was sheer fun. Soft drizzle and weekenders enjoying themselves. The markets on the Mall Road is always abuzz with life. We did some interesting window shopping, picked up some books and little stuff, had some delicious pasta and brownie at a quaint small Italian joint called ‘Wake & Bake’. On your visit to Shimla do not miss admiring the British colonial buildings now housing important offices (some seen on the Mall Road).

So if you are living near Shimla and want to get away from the mundane, simply plan an extended weekend and enjoy the rains @ Shimla.














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Monika Ohson / TravelerInMe



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