Trivia: Om Banna & His Miraculous Bullet Bike


Pic: Google Search

On our Bikaner trip, we noticed an idol on the dashboard of the cab we had hired. The idol was not very familiar and our curiosity made us inquire about it. This is how we came to know about their “gadiyon ke devta” (lord of the vehicles), Om Banna or Om Singh Rathore. 

The driver narrated the tale of Om who had met with a fatal accident on his Royal Enfield bike on the Jodhpur Highway in Pali in 1988. The police had retrieved the bike from the accident area and taken it along with them to the police station. Thereafter began the unexplained! The attempts made by the policemen to keep the bike with them failed on and on. The bike miraculously would be found at the fatal spot. 

Pic: Google Search

Slowly the word spread and the residents of the Chotila village, to which Om belonged, built a temple dedicated to him, his bike and the tree against which his bike had crashed on the fatal night.

It is said that people commuting on the Pali Jodhpur Highway must offer prayers at this temple for safety as the highway is infamous for a high frequency of fatal accidents. People have strong belief in the fact that Om Banna watches over them and keeps them safe on their journeys.

The driver shared his own experience too. He had with met an unexpected accident on his journey to Leh (same car we were travelling in). He mentioned that at that moment the only person who came to his mind was Om Banna from whom he sought help. The miracle happened! He was safe and his car experienced some dents / damages only. Fatality got averted.

Such is faith. Such are folklore. Interesting and a way of life for those who live it everyday.


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Monika Ohson / TravelerInMe


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