Prachina Museum @ Junagadh Fort, Bikaner



The Prachina museum was built in 2000 by Siddhi Kumari (daughter of Late Maharaja Narendra Singh Ji of Bikaner). The museum showcases the rich heritage and lifestyle of the Bikaner rulers. You can see a wonderful collection of textile, manuscripts and farmans, jewellery, table ware & crockery, carpets, arms and weapons, royal costumes, portraits, handicrafts, decoratives and so on. What catches the eye is the extensive display of traditional dresses worn by women from the royal family. The dresses also highlight the karigari of the artisans — kalabhut embroidery, zardozi work, Badala work etc. If you love history and intrigued to know all about the times under the rulers ….. you will love the beautiful displays.

Museum has a beautiful collection of “poshaks”/dresses worn especially by the Bikaner royals (women). Also the display of expert meenakari craftsmanship

The horse is adorned with beautiful jewelry showcasing the craftsmanship of the jewelers. British influence can be seen in some of the artifacts on display.

In the picture of the tree the yellow leaf represents the king and the green leaves his queens. Every leaf has a name written on it. Ornate silver wares and the women make up kit are as interesting

Ornate, floral wall and ‘plain’ ceiling painting known as ‘Rangabaiji’ (kind of Usta art). Carpets especially made for the royals are on display and one of them can be seen in the center picture


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Monika Ohson / TravelerInMe



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    • Thank you 🙏 ☺ Mridula. Narender Bhawan 👌 I loved your posts on it.

      There is always a reason to go back to a place ☺ 👍. Its a very well maintained museum. The display of poshaks being awesome 😍 its the first museum I have seen so far that displays women clothing in large numbers.


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