Delhi Spring: Tulips! Tulips! Tulips!




Flowers heal me. Tulips make me happy.

Unconvinced friend: “Tulips and in Delhi?” 
Euphoric Me: “Yes! Yes! Unheard of but yes; they are in bloom for the second year now.”
Now not so sure friend: “I still don’t believe it.”
Elated Me: “Alright, I will share the photos I clicked at the city’s Shanti path round-about”

That’s how my conversation went with a friend. Tulips are a cool clime flower and in India grows in abundance in Kashmir around March-April every year. Thanks to NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Corporation) and especially the gardeners who tend to it with TLC, we have some blooms in Delhi since last year.

The tulips petal shine in dew, all beautiful, but none alike.

We were returning home and were in Shanti path when a group of people inside the round-about attracted my attention. It took me a fraction of a second to know why. TULIPS! For a place like Delhi its unbelievable but with blessings of mother nature a few blooms are seen now. They maybe nothing in comparison to the massive fields of tulips, but to us city residents it is sheer ecstasy.

In early spring, every petal of a tulip sings a song of love and life.
Dance with joy and happiness to enjoy her short but beautiful life.

The first time I saw a tulip in reality was in Mashobra last year. There too it was the first time they had planted the bulbs. Only a handful of them were left as non season rains had destroyed the blooms. I had heard of tulips flowering in our capital city last year but missed seeing them.

To bloom every spring was her duty; The tulip lived for only that season.

Coming back to Delhi ….. I got off the car near the round about and I prayed that my mobile photos come out well and they did! With spring in my steps and music in my heart I soaked in the beauty of the tulips and captured their beauty to reminisce down memory lane.

A flower blossoms for it’s own joy!

I had a conversation with the NDMC gardener and a security guard of that round-about and the former was extremely sad. He shared how a family created havoc (the one I saw from the car). I was unhappy too when I heard how the kids tried to pluck the flower and in process destroyed the entire plant. The elders did not chide them as they were busy photographing themselves with the blooms; and for this they had entered the bed and trampled a couple of plants.

By plucking her petals you do not gather the beauty of the flower.

The gardener was aghast as not only are the bulbs expensive, the amount of care and love he pours on them is priceless. I understand that this unusual flowers in Delhi will throw many people in a frenzy but, they need to be gentle and seek happiness from admiring them. If such behavior is rampant we will not be allowed anywhere near them. We should not complain then. Apparently, the family was asked to leave as there seemed to be no end to their insensitive attitude.

These tulips are showing their joy with colors and you with a smile!

The guard politely asked me to be quick as they would not want to encourage any more people inside the cute little garden. The gardener was calling it a day too and so was the sun. I was nearly through and within a few minutes I bade them good bye and was off with a continuous smile on my face.

Next time a sunset steals your breath or a meadow of flowers leaves you speechless,
remain that way.
Say nothing and listen as heaven whispers through them.

The beautiful blooms have been completely captured on One Plus 7 Pro. I am quite happy with the close ups and with time I am enjoying mobile photography as the mobile is the most handy and readily available.

Bring the tulips and the rose while their brilliant beauty glows.

The flowering would continue for a fortnight and the bulbs have been planted at AIIMS roundabout, Lodhi Garden, 11 Murti Marg, Nehru Park, Talkatora Garden, Panchsheel Marg and this particular round about. As always they would be blooming in the Mughal Garden (part of the President’s residence, Rashtrapati Bhawan). This time different colors have been introduced and you will reel in their beauty for long.

If you are looking to leave butterflies in her tummy,
choose tulips and watch her blush.

Last year we also saw tulip plants grown in flower pots. They were on display at the various the flower & gardening shows of Delhi NCR. It’s again that time of the year….. SPRING IS IT THE AIR!

You are strictly a tulip girl; A red tulip girl!

As an experiment, tulip bulbs are being cultivated in many parts of the country. In many places it has been a success thus encouraging more blooms with every passing year. Hopefully India will soon have a Keukenhof, besides Asia’s largest Tulip garden in Kashmir.



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Monika Ohson | TravelerInMe

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  2. Your tulips are sooooooo gorgeous. This is just the dose of spring goodness I needed. Wow! Love th quotes too! Thank you so much for sharing your link. How did I miss this post? I can’t figure out why all the post don’t show up in the Reader!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Chandra! The 🌷 are a gorgeous lot. Hope the joys of spring remains in your heart for long!

      If you are following my blog it would show on the reader. Also one needs to be regular on the reader in order not to miss any.

      Liked by 1 person

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  5. Omg ! These look absolutely stunning . How wonderful to think that the Municipal actually bothered with growing these beauties for all to see. Unfortunately Delhi is not on my radar for the moment but will keep this in mind when I have to visit . Else I will have to go to Mashobra ;).
    One thing I can’t understand is our Indian passion for breaking off flowers . I often see people plucking off flowers from my dad’s garden while he is staring down at them from his balcony but they don’t seem to care .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Yes it’s lovely to see the blooms. I am doing a few series on Delhi blooms while I enjoy them in person. Just posted one on daisies.

      The best place for Tulips would be Kashmir in start of April though spring in Delhi is awesome too.

      I so agree about this ill mannered behaviour of people. Also how they go plucking flowers for puja from someone else’s garden!!! Alas some humans have a long way to go!

      I am glad you enjoyed the visual treat 😍


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  8. O Monica, what a sight! Tulips in the heart of Delhi is beyond imagination. I soo wanted to see Tulips in bloom, you are so lucky. Love all the shades. The pictures are beautiful.
    It is really sad how people don’t behave properly and destroy such beautiful things. Alas! These section of people will never change and keep doing the damage.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You said it Sarmistha 💖

      I didn’t want to leave that place. I think I will go mad if I am in Kashmir or Keukenhof 🌷🌷😍🙃😊

      Such delicate & colourful beauties. Currently many are in bud stage so in a week they all would be in full bloom …… I hope I can tiptoe again 😍

      What to say about such section of people. Their behaviour is appalling.

      Kashmir tulip festival is coming up in April first week.

      Liked by 1 person

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