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Trivia: Street food @ Shimla Mall Road!



When on a trip we love to indulge our taste buds too. While we do want to experience the food at the famous eateries……  its the street food that satisfies us like no other 😀  That’s how I feel….. do you too? ❤

On our recent trip to Shimla, we purposely avoided the cafes, famous outlets. Even though my favorite ‘Wake & Bake‘ beckoned me , the child within was more excited on munching food by street vendors & dhabas.

For an Indian aloo pyaaz paratha (stuffed flatbread) smeared heavily with makhan (butter) is a must eat. We did not miss this luxury at all! I am still drooling over the taste of those dhaba style freshly prepared tawa parathas.

Enroute we had a filling glass of freshly squeezed ganaa (sugarcane) juice and enjoyed some pocket matar kulcha.

Indian Streetfood

Pocket Matar Kulcha

But the one that remains on top of my memory is the aloo (potato) sandwich. While strolling up and down the Shimla Mall Road, the sandwich maker being used by the vendor caught my attention. I was a child again as it brought back memories of bachhpan (childhood). These were part of household kitchen for making desi grilled sandwich.

Shimla Mall Road

Sandwich by street vendor at Shimla Mall Road

While waiting for our turn I watched with joy and amusement the making of the snack. I loved his generosity when it came to cheese and butter 😀  Now you know what make it even more delectable hahahaha

So here I am, sharing a quick video on the making of the mouth watering sandwich by a street vendor in Shimla Mall Road!


Would love to know what has been your recent memorable street food experience……..



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