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Lesser Known: Chaturbhuja, non erotic but beautiful



Chaturbhuja temple, also known as Jatakari, is among the Southern Group of Temples of Khajuraho.

Yasovarman of the Chandela Dynasty had built this nirandhara temple (sanctum without an ambulatory, a vestibule, main hall and an entrance porch) way back in 1100 AD. Since it was built in the declining years of the Chandella dynasty its crudely built and lacks the ornamentation and sexual imagery of the other Khajuraho temples

The main idol of four-armed Vishnu (thus named Chatur-bhuja) was brought from Tibet, is ~9 feet in height and is facing south which is the favorite location of Lord Vishnu (south facing plan is incorporated in Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia as well).

I, for sure, was simply mesmerized by Vishnu ji’s idol looming tall above!


The temple also depicts incarnation of Vishnu known as the Narsingha avatar (part-man, part-lion incarnation). Besides the Ganga Yamuna sculptures there are images of the Lord Shiva, as an androgynous deity Ardhanareshvara, as well as the four-armed god of destruction.







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