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Transported To Another World @ Heritage Transport Museum




I had been planning to visit this amazing museum for months now and finally I made it on Sunday. 🙂
One awesome place that literally ‘transports’ you to another world! A place for all ages……

Immaculate and huge sprawling space surrounded by greenery. I fell in love with the place the moment I got off  my car. The outside jazz vied for my attention …..a long Cadillac, a few vintage cars / trucks under reconstruction, carts, truck bonnet body, cycle wheel rims used as garden decor. The fun had just begun……. 🙂

Once in, I wondered where to begin …. each nook and corner was designed with so much of thought using transport related things. The center stage is dedicated to the suspended Chevrolet Impala that has been turned into a piece of art! The ticket counter is in shape of a car and the back of the TC seat a scooter’s frontal…… cool ain’t it! This floor also has shopping thelas selling different transports, painted oil lamps, books etc, a quick bite cafe besides the first section of exhibits.

The exhibits are divided into section based on evolution and mode. Wheels are interestingly assembled to depict its evolution from 2500 BC solid wood wheel to today’s alloy one in 1960. Each section is distinct and displayed in the right light, a guided tour makes it all the more interesting and informative.

A quick run of the sections — palanquin & cart section; 2 wheeler section – bicycle, scooter, bike; 3 wheeler section – auto, phatt phatt, rickshaw, chakhda, jugaad; Heavy vehicles – bus, trucks, matadors; Aircraft section – with its 1946 Piper plane; Rail section – olden era railway station recreated with a 1930’s railway saloon (Jodhpur Saloon) once used by a maharaja; Maritime sections – boats; an Auditorium where you get to see a short film on transportation — we saw one on the making of Boeing 787……. and the grandest of all is the Car section that displays an extremely well maintained and colourful collection of over 75+ vintage cars majorly owned by the Founder of this impressive place, Tarun Thakral …. the oldest one being a 1924 Ford. In fact other collectors are encouraged to put their cars on show and this ensures visitors coming back for more.

Dilliwalon what are you thinking …… just zoom off to this place any day but Monday.

2WSection_800   3WSec_800 CarSection_800   CartSection_800  HVSection_800   TrainSec_800AirSection_800   MariSec_800

Audi_800  TC_799


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Monika Ohson / TravelerInMe