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Balcony Birding: Green Sandpiper



The Green Sandpiper is a small wader or shorebird that belongs to the family of snipes and sandpipers, the Scolopacidae. It has a long & straight bill, small body and short legs. I have mistook it as a swallow many a times due to its size and swift flight. It often appears nervous and will fly off with a low zig-zagging flight when disturbed.

Green Sandpiper | Tringa Ochropus @ Hauz Khas Lake

The sandpiper is a migratory bird that breeds across Subarctic Europe & Asia and winters in Southern Europe. India, SE Asia and tropical Africa. It is a rare breeding bird in the UK and is mainly seen there when it visits in winter.

Flying across my balcony

Unlike most other birds in its family, the Green Sandpiper nests in trees. Also, instead of building a nest, it uses an old one, abandoned by other species, like thrushes.

Balcony Birding: Zig zagging across the sky

The name “sandpiper” actually comes from the voices of these birds, which are musical.

In it’s natural habitat along with Indian Spot-Billed Ducks

During the breeding season, the Green Sandpiper male performs a typical display flight, rising first on quickly fluttering or vibrating wings. Then, it flies in circles or semicircular pattern before doing a steep dive on fixed wings. It repeats this display several times, accompanied by song.

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