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Stay @Bundi Haveli –Traditional yet contemporary



Our first experience of staying in a haveli was in Udaipur and it taught us certain things. 1. Most of them would be housed in the narrow by lanes of the city 2. They may look simple from outside but the real essence is once you step in and go wow 3. Most of the popular tourists sites are close by (at times walking distance) 4. They have wonderful views of some of the monuments 5. You feel you are “at home”

So Bundi Haveli was no different. Just what we wanted — heritage property, traditional, comfortable, peaceful, clean, warm and good food. After a long day full of climbs, walks we felt tiredness leaving us as soon as we entered our room and made ourselves comfortable.

My favorite spot was the jharokha or window sit out. Watching sunrise along with the view of the Garh / Bundi Palace.


I simply love these jharokha (window) sit outs. Don’t you? ❤


Sip coffee/tea and enjoy the sunrise from the jharokha sit out

The rooms are clean, spacious and snug. They are have a beautiful traditional look and feel with all basic modern amenities. The haveli houses 2 suites, 8 deluxe rooms and 2 standard rooms. Each one with a different look but same essence.


Suite 1


Suite 2


Deluxe Rooms 8 nos


One can have a leisurely walk down the aisles or even some rooms, if unoccupied, to admire the display of traditional Rajasthani art and culture through decors tastefully selected.




They have an in-house restaurant, again tastefully decorated, where you can have scrumptious food preparations. The menu is a good mix of Indian (including Rajasthani) and continental cuisines. For breakfast we were lucky to have some delicious aloo parathas on request. The chef and his team do a wonderful job in preparing tasty food, presenting it well and serving on time. I am a little choosy about how my coffee is made ….. but I was happy to get one as desired 🙂 The restaurant has a green space seating as well.




There is shop inside the haveli that sells jewelry, clothes and souvenirs that showcase Indian tradition. One must remember that Bundi is famous for miniature ‘Rajasthani’ murals. You can pick up some amazing miniature paintings by artist Yug (seen the photo below) right inside Bundi Haveli. He also has some beautiful work replicating the ones you will be admiring in Chitrashala. The miniature paintings of Bundi is a must buy for self and as gifts to carry back for friends and family.



The Nawal Sagar is right across the road, so you can go to one of the eateries out there and relax amidst the old city life or just take a stroll around the lake. Most of the places like Garh (Bundi) Palace, Chitrashala, Taragarh Fort too are close by. The by lanes that lead you to them are strewn with some interesting cafes. One can either opt to walk or take a tuk tuk (three wheeler auto) to these places from Bundi Haveli.  Their rooftop terrace offers a 360 degree view of the town.

The staff here are polite, prompt and ever smiling. One of them, Vikram Rawat, had attended and served us well. They even helped us arrange a car to drive us down to Jhalawar post our Bundi stay. So in case there is any help you need you know you can approach the staff!

You can read about my Bundi trip here . Get to know a little about the city and what all you can do there.


Even though the accommodation was sponsored by the owner Surenderji, this in no way effect my views / opinions shared above. (Bundi Haveli website)


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Photo Essay: Pataudi ‘Peacock’ Palace



This one is from my travel memories’ archive! We had spent a wonderful monsoon weekend at the Pataudi Palace (the original home to the Nawabs of Pataudi) and the memories of the place are still so vivid 🙂   Beautiful and well maintained, the quietude of the place is a balm for the tired souls. A must weekend from Delhi to rejuvenate!


The palace stay gives you the feel of the life of the Nawabs. The entire place is tastefully done. I was pretty happy with the service and the food was absolutely delectable. The rains had made the place greener and cleaner and yes full of peacocks 🙂  This photo essay is dedicated to our Indian National Bird the ‘Peacock’ …….who were inevitably in every camera frame.



















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At Home @ Hotel Jaswant Bhawan, Bikaner



Frankly we were a little apprehensive when we got to know that the place was just across the road in front of Bikaner railway station. For all those familiar with Delhi ….. Paharganj came to our mind 😀 and I kept my fingers crossed hoping it was just what I had seen on the net (sometimes the WYSIWYG goes flying out of the window)

As we entered the complex our fears vanished! Open green spaces, heritage property complete with jaalis and jharokhas, happy guests and a very warm hospitable family running the whole setup! Hotel Jaswant Bhawan, earlier known as Daudsar Dera, was constructed in 1926 by Rao Bahadur Shri Jaswant Singh, the last Prime Minister of former State of Bikaner.  Thakur Hanuwant Singh, is the current and the 3rd Thakur Saheb of Daudsar.

The rooms are clean, spacious with clean linen and all basic amenities in place. Smiling helps are at your service and the best part is the delicious home cooked food. We often saw the women of the family supervising as well as cooking our meals served with love by the youngest lady of the household, Harshita. One instantly felt at home!

Pradhuman, the youngest male member of the family can be seen around managing things ably and you can reach out to him with your queries or any help ….. you will get a solution 🙂

You will also be greeted by a friendly pug, Dollar, on your arrival and mornings will begin with birds chirping, soft cool breeze — right time for you to catch up on some me time on the garden swing. Another advantage of the property being its close proximity to major tourist places within Bikaner and good connectivity.

We had a lovely stay at Hotel Jaswant Bhawan and happily recommend it to others too visiting Bikaner.










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