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On the eve of India’s Independence Day




Our heart swells with pride at the sight of our Tricolor Indian Flag

Do you know the meaning of colors used in the Indian flag?

SAFFRON stands for strength & courage of the country
WHITE stands for peace & truth
GREEN stands for prosperity & land fertility
BLUE “Ashok Chakra” represents the dynamism of peaceful change

Today I am sharing a beautifully worded patriotic song that was taught to us in school (Sacred Heart Convent School, Jamshedpur). Whenever I see our country’s flag swaying …… I am reminded of this song “Aloft the banners flying o’er ancient Hindustan

My school, Sacred Heart Convent School, Jamshedpur

I had posted the lyrics of this song last year and there were people asking for the song/tune. This song was “nowhere” on the internet…. until now! It prompted me to share it with all on the eve of our country’s Independence day (15th August 2020).

My school (childhood) friend Maitree Dasgupta Mani agreed to sing it for us and as a bonus, her musically inclined family (husband Mahesh Mani and sons Vedant & Siddhant) pitched in with the music!

We are delighted to present to one and all a ‘new & exclusive’ patriotic song to listen to, share and learn too. Hope you all love it!

Patriotic Song for Independence Day

Here’s the lyrics:
Aloft the banner’s flying O’er ancient Hindustan
Ye Saffron, White and Green proclaiming freedom’s sweetest morn
March on ye sons of freedom, unto your destiny
To build a glorious kingdom, of peace and happiness
To strive and build a kingdom where dwelleth righteousness
Arise, awake ye millions, ye sons of Hindustan
Keep on the constant vigilance to guard the freedom won
Wage on a ceaseless battle O’er hunger and on greed
Truth’s splendour let bedazzle dark legions that surround
Silence the sabre’s rattle yet fight the foes around
God bless the Indian Union, Bless thou our motherland
Grant us the help to serve the million Of this ancient land
Thou Lord of all creation, we praise Thy Holy Name
Preserve us as Thy nation to serve Thee ever more
Throughout all generations, to serve Thee ever more.


Statue of Indian soldiers planting the national flag. At: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India



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